Resilience – School Programs

The Resilience program for middle schools focuses on the American spirit of volunteerism and participation in response to disaster. From the San Francisco Earthquake to Super Storm Sandy, our tradition of neighbors helping neighbors in time of need is an American hallmark.

The Resilience Foundation’s high school presentation curriculum is an overview of the myriad of skills and professions which play integral roles in the three phases of disaster relief: Rescue – Recovery – Restoration

Resilience – Respond Con: Recruitment Fairs

Recruitment is serious business for organizations which play a role in 1st response. Resilience Foundation Recruitment Fairs provide an opportunity for those organizations, both professional and volunteer, to exhibit, meet the public, and disseminate information regarding their mission, needs, and opportunities in the interest of growing their membership.

Resilience – 1st Responder Advocacy

As an organization formed to serve as an umbrella for those in all categories which fall 1st Responder banner, the Resilience Foundation advocates for the health and welfare of the members of our community, providing information and points of view to both the public and private sectors, with which to influence regulatory and policy issues.

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